RVsitebuilder developer documentation


RVsitebuilder is a Laravel based CMS, freely available worldwide from our hosting partners. By making on Laravel framework enable developers to create its own apps, extend and add new features while deploying with ease. Just export and import from admin. No composer or NPM is required on production server.

There are 4 groups of users we created RVsitebuilder for:

  • End-users - to build a great looking responsive website, you don’t need to have a programing skill.
  • Laravel developers – to accelerate development with full featured CMS. Focus on business logic of your app and leave all foundation to us. Together with worldwide hosting partners, no more trouble deploying your app. Just a simple click.
  • Service Providers - to host laravel application with 1-click installer from cPanel, or non-control panel system without to provide SSH shell to end-users and developers.
  • Template Designers - from basic to advance templates.

RVsitebuilder App

RVsitebuilder app is identical to Laravel package. We code it in the same way but keep in a different folder. It does not require composer and npm to install on the production server. But you can and should use them while developing the app.

RVsitebuilder App Playground

Before starting to build your app, we would like to suggest you to go to RVsitebuilder app playground. Generate your app online, it provides simple CRUD and file manager allowing you to look at its code, modify and see it in action.

Then you can follow installation to install RVsitebuilder locally and start developing your app.

Feature Request

Feel free to submit any feature request: