{info} Installing public or private RVsitebuilder App requires either Hosting Provider or Developer License. Get Free Developer Starter License if you do not have one.

Hosting Provider License

Our hosting partners are around the world. They provide RVsitebuilder as a value added service. Any web site run on these servers will get full feature, no other license require.

Developer License

Developer License Plan

Get Free 30-day Trial Developer Starter License

If you want to host your own, you can get a free 30-day trial developer starter license. No credit card required. You can use RVsitebuilder to build any web site free for 10 websites. License is a 30-day free trial that you can renew it for 1 year. After the 30-day trial ends without renewing, the created websites and existing Apps will works as normal BUT will not be able to install and update App either private or public Apps. Check comparison for more detail.

Get Free 30-day Trial Developer Starter License here.

Developer Pro License

Only $299 / year. Promotion now is $119.88 / year. Unlimited web sites.

License Comparison

Go to our website to find license comparison in detail. at Get free developer starter license here.