Creating Editable System Page

To make your system page editable, you need to do the following:

Config in your app file app.json

+                       ├── app.json
    "system-page": [
            "name": "system page 01",
            "content": "template/system.blade.php", // default ""
            "meta-title": "",
            "embed-meta": "",
            "embed-js": "",
            "embed-css": ""

System page blade file

You can create blade file in folder view/template and code something on file.

                        ├── resources
                        │   ├── views
                        │   │   ├── template
+                       │   │   │    ├── system.blade.php

wysiwyg-section blade stack

Add the following code at the bottom of your editable system page's blade file.

    @@if ($editmode)

wysiwyg-section Blade Stack

Only editable system page is required. If your user page is not visually editable on admin WYSIWYG, you don't need it.

Control layout editor tools

You can control layout editor tools in section and block with a <div class="mg">...</div> need to do the following:

Delete you can add class donotdelete for hide Delete Button in section and block.

Duplicate you can add class mgwidget for hide Duplicate Button in section and block.

Creating route for editview