Creating New App

Public App

You can find public apps on RVsitebuilder App Marketplace. Applications to make your website to be more powerful and functional.

Creating App

Build your own app no more easier. We provide Developer app on RVsitebuilder marketplace that help you create a new app. Save you a lot of time manually create app scaffolding.

  1. Go to RVsitebuilder App Marketplace, and find Developer App.

RVsitebuilder App Marketplace

  1. Click install and choose your local development website to install. If your local domain does not on the domain list, please login as admin on your local development and try again.

  2. Once successfully install on your local website, click App launcher and go to Developer app. App launcher

  3. Click Generate app on the developer page. Generate Apps

  4. When you enter the Generate App page, you can easily create your app. Generate Apps

    Result is Private Apps: Generate Apps

    {info} You can Generate Widget and Exporting App ( Next topic ) it here as well.

You will get basic scarfolding consist of migration, resources, model, controller, and view to start with.

Exporting App

Before export app you must first ensure that developer app is installed on your CMS. Next, you'll want to generator private app.When you generator app success, you can click option and choose 'export app'.

Importing Private App

Go to manage app and click on the Private Apps menu. Import your private app to use with your website.We are makes it very easy to store uploaded files you can follow 2 step.

  1. Choose file .zip or .tar.gz only.
  2. Click upload.

Make sure that you have the app from a import in manage app.

Submitting App to Marketplace

We are building marketplace app to facilitate app publishing activities including the payment system. If you want to submit free public app, please submit ticket here. For paid apps, please wait for announcement soon.